As a child, spotting the first one was the sign that holiday was just around the corner and everything was about to start again.

When I first thought of my own brand of Ballerina flats, I wanted something perfect for urban women; A pair of shoes to dress for any occasion, to walk long distances (as the Swallows), and to make them feel confident with all the glamour … a dream shoe for a shoe lover!

Las Golondrinas definitely have a Spanish accent since there are handcrafted by the most qualified artisans in my home country and using only the finest local materials.

I hope that you fall in love with them the same way I fell in love with Swallows when I was a kid...

María Villa | Founder 

Las Golondrinas -Swallows in English- are these magical black and white birds that travel long distances every season.

Each time I see them, I feel transported to my childhood and my holidays on the warm Mediterranean coast.

They are harmonious and slender criatures and the fact that they travel such long distances to come back home each summer just amazed me. 

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